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Published date : 2018-04-30
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Rugged electronics are devices that are specially made to work under a broad variety of extreme circumstances. They can operate while tolerating rough temperatures, unhygienic/wet conditions, and intense vibrations.Th use of rugged electronics is not only limited to outdoor settings but even to cooling procedures &interior components. Normall...Acquire more information...

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Published date : 2018-04-30
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Internet of Things (IoT) is projected to be driven by awareness of cyber-attacks and crimes. Also, its usage across IoT domains can boost the sales of IoT security. These kinds of safety measures are being implemented to protect the sectors of oil & gas, mining, transport, and manufacturing. IoT provides various advantages to customers. It ...Acquire more information...

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Published date : 2018-03-17
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Technology has changed the way we continue to work in today's environment. Technological advancements over the time have facilitated companies to place their product in close proximity to their customers. Today's customers are aware of the products and services being offered by the companies, and more so the segments; in which these compan...Acquire more information...

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Published date : 2018-03-09
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A smart card is a type of chip card that is made of plastic and contains a computer chip that is embedded into it. This computer chip is a type of memory chip or a microprocessor that is able of storing and transacting data. Such kind of data is in the form of value or information or both and this is stored in the computer chip of the smart card. ...Acquire more information...

Tags : Technology, Smart Cards, Security, Computer

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