Top 10 technologies which are expected to impact revenues of various organizations this year

Technology is evolving and how. The whole digital landscape is poised now for some exciting game-changing dynamics with the emergence of the new decade. Several developments in hybrid and cloud computing, network security, machine learning, offer a plethora of opportunities, driving Change-makers to undertake some crucial decisions in terms of business practices. Industry watchers have played their role in identifying emerging technology trends that are expected to shape business operations in the impending future. Distributed cloud, artificial intelligence, augmented and extended reality are at the cusp of sparking off a trail of technological evolution, driving businesses to reinstate new practices and operations.

Acquire Market Research has narrowed down the Top Ten Technology Trends for 2020. All of these trends have the potential to garner huge market traction in 2020. The top ten are enlisted as follows:

  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  •  Artificial Intelligence
  •  Blockchain
  •  Distributed Cloud
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  •   Cognitive Cloud Computing
  •  DevOps
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  •  Big Data
  •  Democratisation of Expertise

Robotic Process Automation

This one is particularly very exciting as this is designed especially to make any desk job less repetitive, focusing more on making the tasks at hand effectively automated. With the growing popularity of bots, RPA is likely to emerge as a mandatory option for all business processes.

Big Data/Hadoop

Big data helps to solve the problems arising out of processing and storing bulk data. Big data is almost indispensable for companies desiring to gain insight into critical data related to the customer database, product research, strategic initiatives, and others. There is no way you can delay/ overlook the adoption of Big Data.


Internet of Things

IoT encapsulates the whole essence of digital transformation. Internet of Things is crucial for creating a virtual landscape while connecting several devices, ensuring that everything works seamlessly between systems. By devices, we refer to all types of electronic gadgets such as smartphones, smart televisions, refrigerators, Alexa, and others.

DevOps Training

Dev Ops is not a particular technology trend but more of a means to an end. It is a method that ensures seamless coordination between development and operations. The method plays a huge hand in integrating operation and development teams.


Cognitive Cloud

Cognitive Cloud is the umbrella bridging the gap between traditional Cloud and Cognitive Computing. Cognitive Cloud facilitates the adoption of Cognitive Computing applications through cloud deployments. Cognitive computing is now being considered as a game-changer in the IT industry. Cognitive Cloud is expected to garner a revenue of $13.8 billion by 2020 and is now being billed as one of the top 10 trending technologies to look out for in 2020.



Blockchain is responsible for powering bitcoins, the alternative currency that has captured everyone’s imagination. Blockchain as a technology has the winning potential to affect every important life-altering vertical, by offering trust, effectively lowering costs, altering transaction time-outs and enhancing seamless cash flow.


Artificial Intelligence:

Modern Life is inconceivable without AI. AI is not a recent phenomenon and has existed even before the world knew a thing called the Internet. AI has quietly crept into every aspect of our lives, from our indispensable smartphones to smart cars, from smart homes to banking institutions.


Distributed Cloud:

Distributed Cloud involves the circulation of public cloud services to different locations while the original public cloud provider oversees the operation, evolving updates, and services. The cloud broadens its reach, thereby becoming a split or distributed cloud. This is likely to present a potential diversion from the centralized and widely accepted model of public cloud services, thereby ushering in a new era in cloud computing.


The Democratization of Expertise:

This methodology equips people with easy access to technical or business domain expertise without requiring any kind of technical training or know-how. No-Code Models and Citizen Development are viable examples of democratization.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is Augmented reality and vice versa. The twin technologies are interchangeably used for letting you experience everything virtually while remaining deeply rooted in reality. The technology has been adopted now by all business organizations. Several medical practitioners have favored this technology for conducting critical surgeries in monitored environments. VR, on the contrary, has paved the way forward for gaming and interactive avenues.

Technology trends in 2020 are coming with huge expectations. Needless to say, it would be exciting to see how these emerging trends are ingrained and vindicated in business operations. Evolving technical know-hows are the winds of change, as they now pose challenges to businesses for expanding their horizons and exploring new avenues.  

Team AMR has conducted in-depth analysis and research on the trending technologies, gathering data and inputs from industry watchers, trade pundits, individuals from public and private sectors and entrepreneurial companies, eminent academicians and luminaries from across the globe, while trying to understand their  takeaways on technological advancements and impact on business practices.  With companies trailing on their digital journeys, they would soon find themselves operating in challenging IT ecosystems, which means they need to inadvertently take care of impending threats and vulnerabilities. Thus they need to participate in the pursuit of shared business outcomes.

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