Connected World is all about Internet of Things (IoT)-Digitise or Perish

 Internet of Things or IoT- the popular market jargon has come to play a very important role in moulding digital transformation. Internet of Things is crucial for creating a virtual landscape while connecting several devices, ensuring that everything works seamlessly between systems. By devices, we broadly denote all types of electronic gadgets such as smartphones, smart televisions, refrigerators, Alexa, and others. With burgeoning technological advancements, IoT, has become a potential tool for bringing the world closer. The whole premise of IoT is to effectively establish a seamless networking enterprise where, everything is intricately and inadvertently connected to the internet. The issue of IoT has gained a lot of traction in recent times since it opens up avenues unexplored and unchartered. Imagination is rife when it comes to examining the possibilities of the reach of this tool in shaping internet into an even more integrated and potential state than what it already is.


It is a common observation that devices gaining internet accessibility and integration are exponentially growing on a daily basis. Every device is connected to the internet. Internet, touted and proven as one of the most powerful inventions of the modern day, is responsible for reshaping human existence, making it unavoidable and indispensable for everyone. Emerging trends have now exhibited how communication has gone on to become largely ‘man-internet enabled device’ based, leading to Internet of Things (IoT) playing a pivotal role in rehashing every existing notion of communication. Market observers and technological gurus opine that in the near future, internet would largely become machine-machine. The whole premise of facilitating interaction between devices and machines is a pioneering and extremely futuristic technological expansion.

Internet of Things, true to its name, is a method of integrating and assimilating data sourced from different mediums, to any virtual database or existing infrastructure. The sole ideology of IoT is to ensure a sovereign exchange of crucial information between imperceptibly entrenched varied devices available to us, fostered by cutting-edge technologies such as Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), and others.

Report findings suggest that more than 25 Billion objects or devices are estimated to be integrated by 2020, which is a staggering data, obviously eroding out the already existing Internet infrastructure enabled with TCP/IP protocols, adopted in circa 1980. However with all revolutionary practices, IoT also has its cons. The method lacks privacy protocols, hence limiting its chances of being largely adopted. Factors such as protection of information and business intelligence in addition to securing privacy of users are threats to IoT. However, now a number of security protocols for ensuring the smooth development and adoption of IoT have come into practise.

Report findings published by Acquire Market Research, has pointed out the emergence of a pervasive networking era in which all the networks are interconnected and ingrained. IoT basically endeavours to catalyse a situation or an ideal scenario wherein objects or devices can process or perform any designated task through machine erudition. Basically, a scenario wherein a device or machine is tutored to perform any task that requires human application. Different takers of IoT and companies have their own visions and roadmaps for implementation of IoT. A world where everything or everyone is connected to their content is the basic vision of IoT. Leading forerunners of the IT industry, believe in the convergence of industrial automation and functioning technology. IT giant Microsoft as opposed to popular belief, does not see IoT as any path-breaking technology; they, believe that IoT has already entered into modern man’s lives since it exists in devices which need to be connected for sourcing bulk information. Though at loggerheads and notwithstanding differences of opinions, most of the IT companies have reached a commonplace agreement regarding the importance of IoT with interconnected devices.

Studies show that an estimated 29 billion connected devices are to be in operation by 2022 – and over 75 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices are likely to be in operation by 2025 globally. The profusion of operational IoT devices, offers organizations and business enterprises huge bulk of data that can be procured to impart potential, and analytical insights. The existence of increasing number of IoT enabled devices, has led to bulk data repositories. IoT ingrained devices are capable of sufficing number driven data such as customer sales, revenue generation, miles travelled, GPS quadrants, vehicle speed, environmental information such as humidity and air quality. This has led to copious issues for businesses as they are seen to be struggling with the difficulty of managing complexities arising out of number driven data, posing serious problems to app-driven operations and other services.

All is not lost however. IoT makes everything trackable, thereby making lives simpler and more data driven than before. So for its own sake of adoption, IT practitioners IoT must ensure a zero- room for error scenario, and a robust security infrastructure. Some serious IoT related issues are Unauthorized Access to RFID, Sensor-Nodes Security Breach, and Cloud Computing Abuse, among others.

Team AMR has conducted in-depth analysis and research on the trending technologies, gathering data and inputs from industry watchers, trade pundits, individuals from public and private sectors and entrepreneurial companies, eminent academicians and luminaries from across the globe, while trying to understand their  takeaways on technological advancements and impact on business practices.  With the increasing influx of emerging IoT technologies, Internet of Things will soon be gaining massive traction and developing on a mammoth scale. This highly exciting archetype of IT networking is poised to influence and affect every part of our lives, widely ranging from smart automated houses, e-cars to smart health and environment monitoring by incorporating intelligence data into the objects lying around us. Having said that, IoT still has a lot of issues to take care of before it emerges as an omnipotent and path moulding technology.

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