An Insight on the Dynamics of Baby Feeding Bottle Market

The recently published market intelligence report by Acquire Market Research, titled “Global Baby Feeding Bottles Market”, offers a thorough and detailed portrayal of segments and sub-segments partitioned within the regional and international Baby Feeding Bottles market. The research underlines the driving factors such as the hindrances, opportunities, in addition to the macro indicators on the regional and global Baby Feeding Bottles market over the short as well as a long period of forecast time. Through succinct sourcing of data, valuable business intelligence on the forecast, trends, and CAGR values of the global Baby Feeding Bottles market are offered within the scope of the report. 

The inclusion of baby feeding bottles in modern lives is not a recent lifestyle or parenting move. The transition to feeding bottles for infants from breastfeeding has not been a slow one. Easy to use baby feeding bottles have gained a lot of traction in the market. Though new parents and pediatricians prefer to stick to the traditional form of breastfeeding for newborns, the growing emergence of infant formula for feeding babies through feeding bottles is driving the expansion of baby feeding bottles market. The market is dotted by the presence of several leading manufacturers of baby feeding bottles who are making innovations in terms of bottle parts which can be used and thrown as and when required. Bottles as a feeding device come in contact with the oral cavity of babies, thereby making its usability and safety top priorities of all manufacturers and consumers alike.

The product is ideally given to babies or newborn infants who need to be administered less milk or formula and also those babies who might face difficulty in swallowing huge quantum of food. Manufacturers need to design feeding bottles with supreme venting outlets for restricting the entrance of air bubbles and other contaminants particularly harmful for the newly born. Since the usage of baby feeding bottles is frequent, parents need to ensure the bottles are convenient to use while saving the hazard of cleaning and sanitizing the bottle. Mothers prefer to use glass while choosing the feeding bottles as they tend to produce less harmful toxins and other substances. Important parts of the bottle such as nipple, cover, and collar of the bottle, in addition to the size of the neck of the bottle, are taken into consideration while purchasing the products, thereby affecting the buying patterns of consumers.

Baby feeding bottles usually carved out of polycarbonate are usually avoided since they are known to feature a harmful substance called Bisphenol A (BPA), known to foster a hormone in the body responsible for stimulating the onset of cancer and hindering the functioning of the reproductive system. Needless to say, this has led several governing authorities to completely ban the usage of this chemical in the manufacturing of feeding bottles. Recent studies have exposed that even BPA-free polycarbonate is found to be harmful to infants. The Baby Feeding Bottles industry has also exhibited a certain impact but still managed to maintain a relatively robust growth rate, over the past few years. Analysts at Acquire Market Research opine that Baby Feeding Bottles market size will be further propounded.  

Several U.S. based baby bottle manufacturers have now restricted making of feeding bottles containing BPA, hence ensuring that most of the bottles available on the shelves are BPA free. Some leading makers of baby feeding bottles are Phillips, AVENT, Artsana USA, Novatex North America, Linyi Shansong Biological, Mayborn Group, Linco Baby Merchandise Work's, Farlin and several others.


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